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Wisdom Through Agony Into Illumination and Lunacy vol. II

by W.A.I.L.

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    Included are two art pieces painted by Paolo Girardi and two essays written by Mika Nurmi. Both, paintings and essays, further deepen the theme and concepts explored on the album.
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EXALTATION Eclipsed by him who suffered the harshest conditions. He who lived in the constant presence of death in the eye of the storm the heart of life Thus slowly left behind by the cycle of the law of nature by the law of all; lawlessness. Swallowed by the evergoing yet constant will whose reflection this creator and destroyer in us and in time brought forth yet again; Evolving through devolving into regression constantly revolving. (...States of cosmic consciousness captured by time unfolding through puzzles of flesh and blood... ...and once again from internal eternal rises a form upon past forms; a labyrinth, a temple.) -A.E. - - WILL The silence of the darkening sky was being pierced by the exclamations from the growing mass. As dusk clad the town with its garments concealing the nakedness of the light the exaltations arose from the temple; -Let your lust radiate its alluring light for it will please her. Let your womb be quarry to those whom their hunter possesses. Brothers and sisters! In our submission lies our power and freedom! Through lust and pain we can rejoice in our god! Now, let us dance the audacious of dances for it will awaken the keys of flesh. -Harlot! Bend over and do as I wish. My will is ours for it will make your craving end, as well as mine. I have come a long way carrying abstained lust in my heart so serve your flesh with joyful pain. Genitalia on pavement, frenzied ecstasy. Hands raised in adoration before the collapse. Will enters the willing performing the rites of the patterns of desires executing themselves in their eternal cycles without end; -Oh! This fulfillment of my thirst, emptying the glass never feels in vain. Again my well is being filled up. -But alas! what is this gnawing emptiness that still keeps following me afterwards? As if the well had holes in its design... Aha! now it's all starting to creep to my awareness. I was being led by my selfish desires. That's it! Those desires are an insatiable god and no matter how much I worship and rejoice at her altar it will never be enough. Thus hear me: I deny you oh cursed lust! Vanish from my temple or prepare to be perished by my newborn will! -Stranger, my lover in god. Why did you stop? By denying your desires, violently turning a blind eye to the call of the flesh you are being trapped inside the illusion you are waging a war against. Now, let us continue to praise her name... -Shallow whore, there can be no other explanation for it! What I did was wrong and that is why I am being punished by this repulsion. Are you trying to tell me to embrace the goddess of war again, the beast in me, and to lie in his pool of filth? -Embrace? Indeed! But to embrace the beast is not to dwell in his reflection but to dive beyond it; to dive inwards to the deep and murky waters searching for his very heart! -This is madness! So you are trying to suggest me to not only to flirt with the vile but to welcome it with an open heart? -Now we are getting closer. By succumbing to the shadow you are now running away from you become one with it and thus become its manifestation through the flesh; not the victim of the manifestation. -Victim? Nonsense! If I am a victim the victimizer is nothing else than your so called goddess which is only the ascension of your profane will. -That's it! The ultimate aspiration IS ascension; the gathering of all the elements, the unity of all within. But, understanding this as an attainment of the ultimate harmony in man is not what I mean in essence. Listen carefully now stranger. I am speaking of the complete merging of the soul, a the return to the primeval darkness; non-creation frozen in its perfected beauty shimmering the highest of all lights! (Divinity is not something outside of us. It is the very highest in us; The link between matter and eternity.) -A.E. - - DESCENT As the winds blow ominously I proceed to the edge of this cliff. I look down and see piles of corpses and heads on poles. They speak to me. A while ago the fields perished into the gaping mouth leaving behind only rotten and mildewed bread Spattered blood painted the pages of history anew. Forever molding... Now the stare of these empty but spirited eyes haunts me like a harrowing wave whispering sentiments. Vastly have I been frustrated, Even more often have I gotten tired of losing the grip of root vigor I've been praying for the will to knowledge Which stems from the dreamlike space between me and the unknown I have sunk deeply into the eyes of the empyrean and remembered the words an old man once said: "For you have a will my son, you need nothing else!" Then without a warning; finally a thought sets in drowning everything into a linearly descending void. I call upon my brethren to stand beside me; -Ye all shall slice the throats and rip the guts out till the last resistant! By trembling downwards the alley of shadows and into the bottomless pit they fought for the right to die; Unhinged wolves howling with utmost spirit! ("The grief of abandoning is the trigger which makes a man descend to madness. But behold! What great potential this fall of man encases!") -P.R. - - ABYSS (INSTRUMENTAL) "These beckoning waves are drowning me into this bottomless darkness in my whole entity. O, My dearest Lord!... Descending... all..." -A.E.
REAWAKENING Can you sense me? I come clad in this anguish but you are blinding yourself. if you think you can see me. I utter the harmony of those playing the transcendental flute but you are deaf if you think you can hear me. I appear before you now but you are lying to yourself if you think I wasn't here yesterday. So... can you succumb to the Self? I am the awakening of the third eye. -A.E. - - ANGUISH "-Is it night or day?" -Time does not matter to me anymore I am numb of coldness and hunger Memories and unturned stones have become one pond of black fluid which I now taste on my chapped lips Lips that have touched the fruits of love The fruits that now seem rotten In forbiddenness... "Moments pass..." -Is that light real? -Rays of the sun emerge Through the cracks of the entrance This light feels unfamiliar Yet it reminds me of something... of a life I lived As a soldier, as a son, as a father A life that now seems rotten In forbiddenness... "Moments pass..." -Is this cave my tomb? Life still exists inside me Yet I don't feel it Hope inside - unreachable All light - vanished I am a void in an empty shell Pulsating to disintegrate "Moments pass..." (suddenly) I hear a big stone pushed aside Accompanied with a dancing fire, A gust of nightly air enters the cave It feels brooding but relieving And I am carried to the entrance By the determined hands of the wind Footsteps... and pain I am being dragged A dark ascend Pain... and visions The stars stare at me Their looks are searching Visions... and silence The torch (begins to dim away and the wind blows it off) But as I close my eyes The torch still burns Silence... and thunder I am on a temple ground I am placed on a stone altar (I hear unknown words spoken) And when I raise my head I see a fire piercing my chest Silence... and reawakening I feel a warm breath It fills me My vision blurs away... I can feel the stars staring at me (But I don't see them) And as the new fire awakens And the smoke begins to rise from my chest I realize: I am the stars staring at me. -S.F. - - GESTALT (INSTRUMENTAL) - - ABSOLUTE Recognition: New times call for new winds Here and now, much of what these winds seem to bring, is the destruction of the once greater gestalt. Shrewd winds, deceitful winds. You have made storms with masquerade of peace. Clever winds, foul winds. We have led our blood and soil to slumber and by the aid of that you have carved a void for us. A void, so that no one could reach you. Consequence: The void as the weapon. We as the ammunition, catapult and the victim. You have made us make us deceit us and the dismal part is that we have with blind joy danced to the drums pounding. We have embraced these winds as have you! Bright idea: Nevertheless, shining dimly through the layers but still there for all to see; the (real subliminal) message behind the message. Those three rotten fruits from that old desert tree. You do not belong in this basket. Transition: Hail KRS. KEEPER of my REALM and SPIRIT. Re-embrace genius loci. It smells like Fin de siecle here once again and I call for new REASON WILL and UNDERSTANDING -A.E.


Eclectic Doom/Black Metal.

The album's main idea builds on a seeming dualism, on a representation of how the concept of W.A.I.L. includes a whole scale of both negative and positive aspects. Instead of making a strict distinction between the two - for example stating that good and evil are independent and stand-alone entities - we try to show how everything is interconnected. The dualistic illusiveness springs to life from our mind's attempt to make sense of All; in other words, a lot depends on which side of the coin we're looking at, or which aspect of our name we're representing at a given time. Things that appear contradictory and entirely different are, in the end, just the flip sides of the same coin, and therefore parts of a big oneness, which reveals itself through all seeming disparities.

This oneness, in other words the concept of W.A.I.L, only manifests itself, and we then qualitatively evaluate this radiance of energies from our own viewpoints. The album's concept celebrates both the negative and positive aspects - and everything between them in their purest archetypal forms, as they haven't been processed through the ego filter which man starts to build from his birth. In other words, the album's concept studies the notion of oneness, the connections of polarities in a huge labyrinth, and aspires to dive under the surface of these so-called opposites where a thicker depth opens. We pursue a wider understanding of the heart-core, of the purest primary condition, that pumps beyond the deep ocean and also, paradoxically, in its midst.

Our work therefore also reflects man itself; it is organic and paradoxical, a radiating comprehensive being, the distinct rays and energies of which can only be classified, for example, as occultistically or politically charged. This doesn't mean, however, that disparity (of any kind) couldn't be found at least on the surface level or that the manifestations of energies in the matter couldn't under any circumstance be qualitatively classified and/or put into their own places. Even though all the rays emanate from the same core, many of them shine brighter than the others. While the former reach over mountains and forests, the latter remain at the murky and muddy bottom of deep seas. The radiance of some of the rays, on the other hand, is completely invisible or incomprehensible to us, but they all fulfill their own meaning and paradigm. Every thing different, every thing of different value. This full-length strives to reach a more veritable platform that fathoms the spirit and doesn't stop at its own individual trivialities but instead continues to be ever-moving and incessant, dictated by the cosmic laws. It's an attempt to discover our transcendental self which is not, however, separate from us; it's an attempt to be one with the absolute.


released March 18, 2018

A.E. - Guitars, vocals
S.F. - Drums, percussions, bass, additional solo guitars, kantele, recorder, didgeridoo, synthesizer, grand piano
J.I. - Bass, recording, mixing, mastering
P.R. - Main vocals
L.L. - Violin
Main vocals on "Absolute" and all vocals on "Reawakening" by A.E.

Cover drawing by BadNewsBrown.

Digibook CD 2018, Triumphant Transgressions
DLP 2018, Triumphant Transgressions
MC 2018, Triumphant Transgressions


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W.A.I.L. Finland

Wisdom Through Agony into Illumination and Lunacy

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